Australia a vision for 2040

On 28 October 2014 I am speaking at the Economic Development Australia national conference in Darwin. The conference is titled “Managing Population Growth and Regional Assets For Your Economic Sustainability.” I will be talking about some scenarios for regional Australia and the choices that will need to be made between now and then to make possible a vision of asset optimization and regional development. Details about the conference are here:

Australia 2040: It’s a 9 billion person world of globalized markets and competition, highly mobile and digitally connected populations, geo-political instability, and costly ever more noticeable climate change. Three quarters of humanity will reside in the Asia Pacific and Africa and more than a third are either over 65 or under 15 years of age.

How will your part of Australia secure its heritage, population and prosperity in such a dynamic context?

Much of the answer involves a new era of political and constitutional reform as well as significantly enhanced social and industrial-economic performance by all sectors.

For Australia to be a leading middle power and maintain the standard of living we have come to expect, we will have to think differently, be less entitled and more entrepreneurial, work smarter and network globally in value chains that extend well beyond our shores.

To ensure our national security while capturing the enormous potential of cheap renewable energy and the services expertise that support our primary and resources industries, vibrant thriving communities will be growing well beyond the urban sprawl that dots the coastal fringe.

The Australia of 2040 is an Australia of educational, infrastructural and technological innovation where global investment, public-private partnerships and inter-government collaboration is at last realising a vision of regional Australia as a resilient ‘first world’ increasingly diversified economy and community.

Author: Professor John Cole OAM

Professor Emeritus and founder of the Institute for Resilient Regions at the University of Southern Queensland and Honorary Professor, UQ Business School, The University of Queensland.

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