Australia cannot give up ghost on climate action

Perhaps, now the sad sorry tale of the carbon tax has been put to bed, Australia can have an open and scientifically informed discussion about climate change and what should be our part in addressing it. The carbon tax always had a taint of illegitimacy about it being the price paid for Labor to hold on in minority government. No political party has ever received a mandate from the Australian people to introduce a carbon tax.

Putting a price on carbon is a wholly different matter though and is essential for climate change programs to be effective and efficient. An emissions trading scheme should be part of Australia’s portfolio as we play our part in broader international efforts to reduce the source of human induced global warming.

Regional Australian communities will have a more assured and sustainable future hosting renewable energy infrastructure, than in building coal mines for markets that will in time have their own carbon price.

Author: Professor John Cole OAM

Professor Emeritus and founder of the Institute for Resilient Regions at the University of Southern Queensland and Honorary Professor, UQ Business School, The University of Queensland.

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