End of the beginning of global climate change response

The Paris Accord 2015 was the ”end of the beginning” in humanity’s quest to mount an effective response to man-made climate change

Australian Science Media Centre is collating and publishing responses from expert scientists, academics, and interested policy advisers on the UNFCCC climate deal in Paris last night.  Here is my response:

“Last night’s agreement in Paris of the parties to the UNFCCC to limit the increase in the global average temperature to well below 2 °C above pre-industrial levels gives added imperative and momentum to the Federal Government’s new emphasis on innovation and entrepreneurship.

Achieving a phase out of fossil fuels in a time prescribed by the science of climate change will require massive technological transformation globally.

It will also deliver enormous opportunities to a new cohort of innovative clean technology creators and businesses that will generate new economies along the way.

For regional Australia it means invigorated economic development in the form of renewable local energy and new jobs in the industries that will follow.

Last night we arrived  at the end of the beginning in humanity’s quest to mount an effective response to man-made climate change.”

Professor John Cole is the Executive Director of the Institute of Resilient Regions at the University of Southern Queensland and is an Honorary Professor at the UQ Business School.

Author: Professor John Cole OAM

Professor Emeritus and founder of the Institute for Resilient Regions at the University of Southern Queensland and Honorary Professor, UQ Business School, The University of Queensland.

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